Doja Cat Paris Fashion Week Eyelash Mustache

If there’s one thing we know about Doja Cat, it’s that she’s gonna fully commit to a look.

Lately, she’s been pulling off some of her best work during Haute Couture Week in Paris.

First, she attended the Schiaparelli show in this all-red outfit, made with red paint and Swarovski crystals:

Then, she showed up to the Viktor & Rolf show today with a faux mustache, goatee, and eyebrows. But instead of using mink fur or synthetic fibers to create her facial hair, Doja used fake eyelashes.

The reactions are taking me out:

Doja Cat wearing eyelashes on her eyebrows, lip and chin
I just..I don’t know anymore.
I’m not mad about it, I’m confused cuz it ironically works

@PukeFace8 / Via Twitter: @PukeFace8

Doja later told Nylon the look was inspired by the feedback she got after wearing the red Schiaparelli outfit earlier this week. “People were saying that I didn’t have lashes, and that they were disappointed that I didn’t have on lashes,” she said, “yet I worked with one of the greatest makeup artists of all time, Pat McGrath, and so today I gave them lashes. So I hope they’re happy. I just want to make people happy, so…”

She had previously posted on her Instagram, promising to give fans what they’d been asking for. “If lashes are what you all want, then lashes are what you’ll get,” she wrote, adding, “see you at Viktor and Rolf 🥸.”

Well, Doja, you did not disappoint. You never do.

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