Taylor on Winning After Being Told to Be ‘Nice,’ Her Brittany Regret, and Crushes in the House

Big Brother 24 cemented its place in Big Brother history with a historic win. Showbiz Cheat Sheet talked to Taylor Hale about the hard road to the finale on Zoom on Sept. 28, 2022.

Taylor on navigating microaggressions on ‘Big Brother 24’

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Q: Speaker 1: Jumping in to your game, I do want to talk about the microaggressions. As a Black woman watching, I tuned into it. One that you really picked up on was the word “nice” and how people were using it. You talked to Kyle [Capener] about how it was triggering for him to say, ‘What if you’re sending a nice girl home?’ when talking about Alyssa [Snider] . And Monte [Taylor], when he wanted to talk about things going left with you guys were saying, ‘Why not be nice?’ Can you talk about overcoming this perception of not being the nice girl and getting this win?

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