‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 4 — Breakup

Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, Episode 4. Proceed at your own risk!

The Sex Lives of College Girls broke some hearts in Thursday’s new episodes, when Whitney’s insecurities about the status of her relationship with Canaan led to the end of their romance.

Sex Lives of College Girls RecapIt all started when Canaan asked Whitney to be his girlfriend, something which she thought she already was. So did that mean he was seeing other people while they were together? With the Kappa sorority sisters’ ill-advised suggestions in her head, Whitney went through Canaan’s phone and found some incriminating messages from his coworker Zoe. Canaan admitted that Zoe was into him, but he turned her down. He’s a good-looking guy without any big issues, so girls are going to be into him, he explained. (That’s a heavy dose of self-confidence!) Then Canaan told Whitney that a relationship shouldn’t be this hard and broke up with her.

Alyah Chanelle Scott, who plays Whitney, admits to being crushed about the split, “but I also loved it, because they got to have some sort of story. Nothing can be that good,” the actress adds.

“I also think it was great because it keyed into more depth in Whitney in that it exposed to herself some deep-rooted insecurity she has,” Scott continues, surmising that maybe those issues are the result of “trauma” from her relationship with Dalton last season.

Whitney eventually discovered that her secret boyfriend/soccer coach was also secretly married, so it’s not surprising that Dalton did a number on her. “He messed her up,” Scott confirms.

As a result, Whitney now “finds that she has something she needs to work through and work on,” Scott says. So even though the breakup with Canaan is a sad thing, the heartache leads Whitney on a positive journey of self-discovery, personally and academically. “It just opened up a new door of growth for her, which was great, and then it also [leads] her to another world, which was also very great,” Scott shares.

On a more positive note, Whitney (and Leighton) got accepted into the Kappa house. Although Whitney has never seemed completely at ease among the sorority, “I think it’s a place to go where she feels like people like her and that she doesn’t have to do much work or put much thought into it,” Scott says. “I think she’s very much judgmental of the environment, but still goes back to the Kappa house because it’s a safe place where people are nice and like her.”

Meanwhile, the KJ house “is a place where she has to run into Canaan, [when] she’s kind of embarrassed about the way the relationship ended, and she’s not ready to come to terms with that, but she does, and it is interesting,” Scott teases.

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