Mixed & Character Expressions

Mixed expressions
Mixed expressions in Arithmetic Expression are formed by using different types of integer, real, double precision or complex quantities.
Consider an arithmetic expression in which integer and real quantities occurs
let I=5 and C= 2.5.This means here I is integer and C is real .If both are added then
I + C = 7.5
Here the integer value is automatically converted into real value, that means 5 becomes 5.0.And the value of I remains the integer in the computer memory.
Character Expressions
Character expression is an expression whose operands have the character type.
Expression Meaning
a // z concatenate a with z
Consider A1, A2, A3 are declared as complex then it will be written in program as:
If A1 = (1.5, 2.5), A2 =(2.0, 3.5) and A3 = (1.0, 2.0) then Fortran expression for the evaluation (1.5, 2.5) + (2.0, 3.5) – (1.0, 2.0) will be A1 + A2 -A3. Similarly other examples can be also written.
– IC * IA +IB
Here IC, IA, IB are unsigned integer variable and -, +, and * are arithmetic operators.
3) An integer expression enclosed in parentheses is an integer expression.
( -J * K +I) is an integer expression.;
Note: Two arithmetic operators should not occur in succession in an integer expression.
This is wrong to express:
IC -* IA
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