Types of Array

Types of Array
Static array
They have fixed size when the array is declared and can not be altered during execution. This is inflexible for certain circumstances (one has to re-entry the program, change the dimension (s) and re-compile) and wasteful in terms of storage space (since one might declare a very large array to avoid the previous problem).
Semi-dynamic arrays
The size of an array is determined after entering a subroutine and arrays can be created to match the exact size required but can only be used for a subroutine. In Fortran 90 such arrays are called assumed-shape and automatic arrays.
Dynamic arrays
The size and the amount of storage used by a dynamic array can be altered during execution. This is very flexible but slow run-time performance and lack of any bound checking during compilation. In Fortran90 such arrays are called allocatable arrays
Arrays Storage
Each element of an integer, real and logical array contains one storage words. The number of of storage words required to store an array will be equal to the number of elements of an array.
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