Boosteroid is the latest cloud gaming service to be optimized for Chromebooks

Boosteroid is now supported as a Progressive Web App on ChromeOS, and you can get a one-month trial if you’re new to the service.

Booosteroid, a popular service that lets you enjoy high-end video games from the cloud through remote gaming desktops, is now optimized for ChromeOS. You can it out today on any Chromebook as a Progressive Web App, and for those that are new, a one-month trial is also available, but just for Chromebook users.

If you’re not familiar, you can get started with Boosteroid in just a few clicks. Like other competing services, there’s no need to download games or store the games on your Chromebook. Simply sign up for the service, choose one of the free-to-play games from the Progressive Web app, and get going. A sign-up and subscription are mandatory, though, as Boosteroid is a paid service.

You can also connect your Steam, Epic Games, or other accounts to play any of those titles that you already own too, and pick up the progress just as you left the games on your other devices. The service starts at €7.49 per month. You’ll be able to play games at Full HD 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. Boosteroid does not sell games, and you only can run a paid video game on the service if you buy it first. As for network requirements, it’s suggested to have at least 15 Mbps.

You don’t need one of the new cloud gaming Chromebooks that were released this fall to enjoy Boosteroid, as the service is web-based. It joins others that you already can enjoy like Nvidia GeForce Now, as well as Xbox Cloud Gaming and Amazon Luna.

Boosteroid was first launched in the United States back in the spring of 2022. The research and development office is based in Ukraine, and the service has 18 different data centers in Europe and the United States. Boosteroid partnered with Asus and Intel on the technology that is powering those servers.

Source: Boosteroid

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