Gamers Should Give Apple Arcade a Chance

Many gamers might be skeptical about whether Apple Arcade is a worthwhile service. The popularity of subscription services, like Xbox GamePass and PlayStation Now, begs the question if Apple Arcade is a service that offers something that stands out from the rest. The service does come with some unique features and offers a different kind of experience than the other subscription services out there. Along with some exclusive titles and a relatively cheap price, gamers should consider Apple Arcade as an alternate option for mobile titles.


Apple Arcade is a service available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac; it offers over 200 games to play. These games are catered to a more casual audience and are meant to be played on phones and tablets. While these platforms lack the power to bring something on the same level as a high-budget console experience, more casual fare has found a home on mobile devices. Apple Arcade aims to bring players a different way to play premium mobile games while also offering exclusive games to iPhones and more Apple products. Mobile games are not usually at the forefront of many people’s minds, with many premium games going under the radar.

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Apple Arcade Is Home To Worthwhile Exclusives

The subscription service is fairly fleshed out and offers many high-profile titles. Most of the mobile gaming market has shifted towards a free-to-play model, with many paid games not performing as well. Apple Arcade aims to bring these paid games to players without the commitment of an upfront purchase. Apple constantly tries to expand its library by bringing in classic mobile titles as well as follow-up titles, like the newly released Jetpack Joyride 2. Even games that were once taken offline, such as Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, have found new life on the subscription service.

Apple Arcade has had a good number of high-profile exclusive titles on its service before they were available anywhere else. Shantae and the Seven Sirens was available on Apple Arcade more than half a year before it was available anywhere else. In addition, there are still notable games that still can not be purchased anywhere else. Mistwalker’s Fantasian is one such title that fans have been eager to play and is only available on Apple Arcade. These games, along with many others, are worthwhile experiences exclusive to the service.

Apple Arcade Is An Affordable Alternative

Gamers might recognize that there are some great exclusives that are available on Apple Arcade but might not want to spend more money on a monthly fee. Luckily, the subscription fee is fairly affordable when compared to other services. Players can pay about $5 a month or a $50 annual fee, but can also consider free trials with new device purchases and bundle deals. With over 200 games available with more original Apple Arcade games on the way, players would get their money’s worth if they play mobile games casually.

Similar to other subscription services, there are bundle deals in case players want something else out of their purchase. With Apple One, subscribers can get access to a variety of Apple services at one cost. This also allows for a family plan to share among other devices, like Xbox Game Pass or Nintendo Switch Online. This is just in case consumers don’t feel like a subscription is needed for Apple Arcade alone, but might find more value from it if it was packaged with other services.

People wondering if Apple Arcade is worth the subscription price should keep in mind that there is a lot to offer there, from many premium mobile games to exclusive titles that aren’t available anywhere else. With free trials available and a relatively cheap monthly fee, it might not be a bad idea to try it out. Casual gamers looking for some mobile games to play might want to give Apple Arcade a chance.

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