MSI Project 491C: World’s first ‘Super Ultra-Wide’ QD OLED and 240 Hz gaming monitor teased ahead of CES 2023 introduction

CES 2023 may be approximately 6 weeks away, but MSI has sought to tease a new gaming monitor format ahead of time. Revealed as ‘Project 491C’, MSI describes the monitor as the first ‘super ultra-wide’ with a QD-OLED curved panel. Although MSI has not confirmed this yet, Project 491C looks like two 16:9 monitors stitched together. In other words, we suspect that the monitor has a 32:9 aspect ratio.

The confirmation that Project 491C utilises a QD-OLED panel emphasises MSI’s collaboration with Samsung Display. If the project’s name is also a hint, then it may have been built around a 49-inch panel, mirroring the Samsung Odyssey G9. Incidentally, AMD outlined that Samsung would release a new Odyssey G9 monitor with an 8K resolution. The resolution of Project 491C is knot known at this stage, though.

Still, the upcoming monitor will be capable of outputting at 240 Hz and has already been awarded a CES 2023 Innovation Award. CES 2023 will commence on January 5 in Las Vegas and will run through January 8. Presumably, MSI will showcase numerous products across those four days, with Project 491C serving as a taste of what is to come in the new year.

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