Sony PlayStation 6 will release after 2027: Official document

Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 5 is out for over three years and it could be some time until we get to see its successor. However, no exact timeline was known so far. N0w, an official document from PlayStation LifeStyle reveals that the upcoming Sony console, the PlayStation 6 may not launch until 2027. Also Read – Sony, Honda may set PlayStation 5 in their upcoming autonomous electric car

Sony PlayStation 6 to launch sometime after 2027

A document titled “SONY INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT OBSERVATIONS ON THE CMA’S ISSUES STATEMENT ” addresses Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Also Read – Sony LinkBuds S WF-LS900N with ANC, 20-hours battery life announced in India at Rs 16,990

Activision Blizzard, the company that publishes Call of Duty titles, which are exclusive to PlayStation, was in talks of getting acquired by Microsoft. However, Sony is against the acquisition since the Call of Duty exclusivity may go to Microsoft’s Xbox after the acquisition. Also Read – PS5 restock: How to buy Sony’s gaming console in India today

As per the document, Microsoft may offer Activision’s games available on PlayStation only until 2027.

“By the time SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) launched the next generation of its PlayStation console (which is likely to occur around (Date hidden), it would have lost access to Call of Duty and other Activision titles, making it extremely vulnerable to consumer switching and subsequent degradation in its competitiveness.”

“Even assuming that SIE had the ability and resources to develop a similarly successful franchise to Call of Duty, it would take many, many years and billions of dollars to create a challenger to Call of Duty – and the example of EA’s Battlefield shows that any such efforts would more than likely be unsuccessful.”

This confirms that Sony’s PlayStation 6 will only be released after 2027 and Microsoft’s next Xbox console may follow along.

Sony launched its PlayStation 5 console back in 2020 and ever since its release, the console faced several inventory and supply issues. However, now the supply seems to be slightly improved, and the console despite being stocked once a month, is available in limited quantities in some stores offline.

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