Form Tags

Form Tags
Data Type Description
<Form> Defines a form for user input.
<input> Defines an input field.
<textarea> Defines a text-area (a multi-line text input control).
<label> Defines a label to a control.
<fieldset> Defines a field set.
<select> Defines a selectable list (a drop-down box).
<optgroup> Defines an option group.
<option> Defines an option in the drop-down box.
<button> Defines a push button.
<form> Tag
A form is defined with the <form> tag. Form is the rectangular area in which all the input elements are defined. Its is used inside the body section of HTML file. And it is all done by using the <input> tag. <input> tag is an open tag hence do not need the </input> tag.
Now see how body tag is defined below the body tag.
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