How to Hyperlink an Image

To hyperlink an image first we have to insert the image on the web page. So question is how to insert the image on the web page. In html the image can be inserted using the <img> tag. <img> tag has the attributes like width, height and src, which specifies the height and width of the image  that is to displayed on the web page and scr has the value of the path where the image is stored. <img> tag does not have the end tag. so now use the <img> tag.
<img> tag
<img src=”path” width=”number” height=”number”>
<img src=”img\logo_in.gif” width=”200″ height=”200″>
The example inserts the image “logo_in.gif” with the height of 200 pixel and width of 200 pixel. By  using this  tag you can insert the image in your html file, now if you want to create this image the hyperlink then follow the steps:
How to make the  image as Hyperlink
<a href=”path_of_file” ><img src=”path” width=”number” height=”number”></a>
<a href=”list_tags.php”><img src=”img\logo_in.gif” width=”200″ height=”200″></a>
To make an image as hyperlink just enter the <img> tag between the <a> anchor tag. And it will get Hyperlinked.
So now lets do some practical.
Just write/copy this example on any text editor new file and save the file and open in the browser and see how it looks.
<b> Here the image is hyperliked.</b>
<a href=”list_tags.php”>
<img src=”img/logo_in.gif” width=”200″ height=”100″></a>
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