A database is an organized collection of information. A simple example of a database are like your telephone directory, recipe book etc.
Relational model is the basis for any relational database management system (RDBMS). A relational model has mainly three components:
1) A collection of objects or relations,.
2) Operators that act on the objects or relations.
3) Data integrity methods.
To design a database we need three things:
1). Table
2). Rows
3). Columns
table is one of the most important ingredient to design the database. It is also known as a relation, is a two dimensional structure used to hold related information. A database consists of one or more tables.
table contains rows : Rows is a collection of instance of one thing, such as the information of one employee.
table contains the columns: Columns contains all the information of a single type. Each column in a table is a category of information referred to as a field.
One item of data, such as single phone number of a person is called as a Data Value.

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