Different Linux Distributions

Debian GNU/Linux
Developer: Debian 
Website: http://www.debian.org/ 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Debian based 
Platforms: Intel compatible, PPC, Alpha, Sparc, Other, Mainframe, m68k
Description: Debian GNU/Linux is a free distribution of the Linux based operating system.It is maintained and updated through the work of many users who volunteer their time and effort. Along with its large selection of prepackaged software is contains advanced package management tools that allow for easy installation and maintenance on individual systems and workstation clusters. Extensive pre-release testing is done to ensure the highest degree of reliability possible, and a publicly accessible bug tracking system provides an easy way to monitor customer feedback.
Gentoo Linux
Developer: Gentoo Technologies, Inc. 
Website: http://www.gentoo.org 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Power user 
Platforms: Intel compatible, PPC, Alpha, Sparc, 64 bit
Description: Gentoo Linux is designed for the developer, power user and enthusiast.It incorporates the latest sources and technologies (such as ReiserFS and the Portage system).
Developer: Mandriva 
Website: http://mandriva.com/ 
Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Estonian, Finnish, Portuguese, Turkish, Thai 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based, Mandriva based
Platforms: Intel compatible, PPC, 64 bit
Description: Mandriva Linux is a powerful operating system that is available for many platforms: 32 bit processors such as Intel Pentium®, AMD Athlon®, PowerPC®; and 64 bit processors such as Intel Itanium® and AMD Opteron®. Mandriva Linux includes many graphical administration assistants & wizards that make it intuitive and fun to use while providing all the power and robustness of other Linux systems. Hundreds of included applications make it an ideal solution for both professional and home users.
Developer: Apple Computer / The Open Group Research Group 
Website: http://www.mklinux.org/ 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public
Platforms: PPC
Description: MkLinux is an Open Source operating system which consists of an implementation of the Linux operating system hosted on the Mach microkernel. Versions of MkLinux run on the Intel, PA-RISC, and PowerPC architectures.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Developer: RedHat Software 
Website: http://www.redhat.com/ 
Languages: English, Spanish, French, German 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based 
Platforms: Intel compatible, Alpha, Itanium
Description: Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a high-end Linux distribution geared toward businesses with mission-critical needs.
High Availability Server 
Red Hat 7.1 
Red Hat Linux 8.0 Personal 
Red Hat Linux 8.0 Professional
Slackware Linux
Developer: The Slackware Linux Project 
Website: http://www.slackware.com/ 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Power user |
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Slackware Linux is compatible with most Intel PC hardware. Slackware will provide stellar performance on high-end systems, including support for symmetric multi-processing (up to 16 processors), PCI, and special code optimizations for the 486, Pentium, and Pentium Pro and AMD Athlon
Slackware 7.1
SUSE Linux
Developer: SuSE/Novell 
Website: http://www.suse.com/ 
Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public
Platforms: Intel compatible, PPC, Alpha, Sparc, Itanium, Mainframe, Other, 64 bit
Description: SUSE, now a subsidiary of Novell, produces one of the most popular mainstream Linux distrbutions.
Suse Linux 8.1 Professional Edition
Yellow Dog Linux
Developer: Terra Soft Solutions 
Website: http://www.yellowdoglinux.com/ 
Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Game Console
Platforms: PPC
Description: Yellow Dog Linux is a distribution for the PowerPC architecture. There are two versions: YDL Champion Server, which is the version designed for internet, intranet, development, and other mission-critical environments that require the most out of their operating system. The second is YDLGone Home, which is the version for the home or small office.
Developer: TurboLinux 
Website: http://www.turbolinux.com/
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public 
Platforms: Intel compatible, Other
Description: TurboLinux provides a suite of high performance Linux productsfor the workstation and server markets. Available in English, Japanese and Chinese, Turbolinux offers Linux solutions geared towards corporate needs as well as the home desktop. TurboLinux also offers a unique clustering solution that allows for the construction of highly available and scalable networks based on low-cost commodity components. TurboLinux currently offers the choice of Gnome, KDE or the TurboDesk GUI and is distributed with powerful desktop applications such as StarOffice and Netscape.
Developer: ASPLinux 
Website: http://www.asplinux.ru/en/ 
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Ukranian, Bulgarian 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based, Security enchanced 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: ASPLinux is 100% RedHat compatible multipurpose GNU/Linux distribution which includes all includes all necessary components for installing high performance Internet/Intranet server or powerful multimedia workstation. The installation program featuring graphical and text modes includes ASPDiskManager – an utility which let users edit a hard drive partitions data manually during the installation.
It allows copying, moving, and resizing partitions with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, XFS and ReiserFS file systems preserving existent data. ASPLinux has also it’s own graphical easy-to-use boot manager ASPLoader. Comes in Deluxe, Standard and Express editions along with OEM-edition which is distributed with new PCs
Developer: ESWare Linux 
Website: http://www.esware.com/ 
Languages: Spanish Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: A Linux distribution developed in Spain and oriented toward Spanish-speaking users. Installation, command lines, documentation and user’s manual are all in Spanish (Castellano).
Vine Linux
Developer: Project Vine 
Website: http://www.vinelinux.org/ 
Languages: Japanese 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Vine Linux is a distribution based on Red Hat that comes with a highly customized Japanese environment.
Plamo Linux
Website: http://www.linet.gr.jp/~koj… 
Languages: Japanese Categories: Mainstream/General Public 
Platforms: Intel compatible 
Description: Japanese distribution based on Slackware
Website: http://scrudgeware.org/ 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public 
Platforms: Intel compatible 
Description: Distribution that uses GNU tools almost exclusively.
Developer: K12Linux / Linux Terminal Server Project. 
Website: http://www.k12ltsp.org/ 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Minimalist, Red Hat based 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: K12LTSP is a terminal server appliance distribution of RedHat Linux. It’s aim is to allow students in school to boot from diskless workstations and run the necessary tools to use the Internet plus run a word processor (Abiword), spreadsheet (Gnumeric), image manupulation tools (GIMP) as well as many other applications.
Developer: Robert S. Lange, et al 
Website: http://www.vectorlinux.com 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Minimalist, Power user, Slackware based 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: A light-weight distribution aimed at desktop users and based on Slackware
Linpus Linux
Developer: Linpus Technologies, Inc.
Website: http://www.linpus.com.tw/ 
Languages: English, Chinese 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Full-featured Chinese Linux distribution offering major packages and desktop enviroments. Offers complete multi-language support.
Miracle Linux
Developer: Miracle Linux Corp/Oracle 
Website: http://www.miraclelinux.com/ 
Languages: Japanese 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Japanese distribution based on Red Hat and funded by database giant Oracle. It is specially designed to run Oracle’s RDBM system
Developer: Junta de Extremadura 
Website: http://www.linex.org/
Languages: Spanish 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Debian based 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: LinEx GNU/Linux es la distribución desarrollada por la Junta de Extremadura pensada para usuarios finales de software. Esta distribución se basa en Debian
LinEx GNU/Linux is a Linux distribution developed by the Autonomous Government of Extremadura, Spain. It’s designed for the end user. It’s based on Debian
Red Flag Linux
Developer: Redflag Software Co. Ltd 
Website: http://www.redflag-linux.co…
Languages: Chinese 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public 
Platforms: Intel compatible 
Description: Officially sanctioned Linux distribution from the People’s Republic of China.
Developer: Xandros Corporation 
Website: http://www.xandros.com 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Debian based
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Xandros is a distribution based of Debian and KDE that seeks to make Linux simpler and easier to use while broaden the scope of day to day activities that users desire. Initially focused on the desktop, Xandros is also developing server technologies.
Developer: Knopper.net 
Website: http://www.knopper.net/knop… 
Languages: English, German, Spanish 
Categories: Minimalist, Debian based, Mainstream/General Public, Live CD
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Full-featured Linux distribution that boots from a CD. Includes the latest version of KDE and OpenOffice. Can be used to work from Linux on PCs without actually installing it, so it is ideal for demonstrations of Linux. Based on Debian.
Developer: Thomas Chung 
Website: http://linuxinstall.org/ 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based, Personal 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Designed with Linux novices in mind, this distribution is designed to install “automagically”. The user does not have to worry about partitioning the hard drive or selecting packages. A set of pre-selected productivity applications are installed (web browser, mail client) and the user is ready to go.
Ark Linux
Developer: Ark Linux Project 
Website: http://www.arklinux.org/ 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based 
Platforms: Intel compatible 
Description: The Ark Linux distribution is based on Red Hat Linux and geared toward the newcomer to Linux. The developers claim it can be installed in 4 mouse clicks.
Developer: Linspire, Inc. 
Website: http://www.linspire.com/ 
Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian 
Categories: Runs on MS Windows, Mainstream/General Public, Debian based, Runs on MS Windows 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: (description provided by Linspire) Linspire is a full-featured computer operating system designed for desktop and laptop computers. Based on Debian Linux, Linspire provides a powerful, stable, virus-free computing experience, yet is incredibly easy-to-use.
Bundled software includes a Microsoft Office file-compatible office suite, a powerful Internet and email suite, complete song and photo programs, media players for viewing animation and videos, and much more. New software is installed and managed with just one-click from Linspire’s CNR Warehouse, an online library of over 2,000 programs, with the optional Linspire CNR Service.
Use Linspire to do things on the Web, create and share documents, work with graphics, play music, organize digital photos, view rich multimedia files and easily connect to networks and peripherals.
Developer: Yoper Ltd 
Website: http://www.yoper.com/ 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Power user 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Yoper is a full-featured distribution that is designed to run on high-end CPUs (Pentium II and IV, AMD Athon, Duron and other similar chips). The developers have provided for easy install of packages from other major distributions (RPM, DEB, TGZ);
Developer: Morphix Project 
Website: http://www.morphix.org/ 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Debian based, Live CD 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Morphix is a live-cd distribution designed to be run from a CD-ROM drive with no need to partition and install in your hard disk. It comes in three main types, a LightGUI (small footprint) version, a “medium” version with KDE and a HeavyGUI version that includes both the latest KDE and GNOME along with the OpenOffice suite
Developer: Barry Kauler 
Website: http://www.puppyos.com/ 
Languages: English
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Minimalist 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Puppy is a tiny distribution but with a full suite of GUI apps and loads entirely into a 48M ramdisk. This means that all applications start in the blink of an eye and respond immediately. Puppy will fit into the “small distro” category, but is not floppy based. Also fits the live-CD based category, but not limited to that as can install to any storage media.
Arch Linux
Developer: Arch Linux Team 
Website: http://www.archlinux.org/ 
Languages: English, French, German 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Power user, Personal 
Platforms: Intel compatible 
Description: A Linux Distribution optimized for the i686 architecture.
Developer: RedHat Software 
Website: http://fedora.redhat.com/ 
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based, Fedora Core based 
Platforms: Intel compatible, 64 bit, PPC
Description: Fedora Core is RedHat’s plan to develop a complete, general purpose operating system exclusively from free software. The distribution was created to replace low-end, comsumer versions of RedHat Linux.
Impi Linux
Developer: Gauteng Linux Users’ Group 
Website: http://www.impi.org.za 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Linux distribution developed in South Africa. It is aimed at mainstream users. Includes productivity applications for accounting, word processing/spreadsheet, web browsing, email and other office and home user needs.
Developer: MEPIS LLC 
Website: http://www.mepis.org/book/v… 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Debian based 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Debian based distribution optimized for desktop use. Runs from a live CD and can be installed to a hard disk. Comes with the latest versions of KDE, Mozilla and OpenOffice. Boast easy hardware configuration including WiFi support.
Developer: AbulÉdu project 
Website: http://www.abuledu.org/ 
Languages: French 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Mandriva based 
Platforms: Intel compatible 
Description: Mandrake-based distribution developed for French teachers for use in the classroom.
Aurox Linux
Developer: Aurox Sp. 
Website: http://www.aurox.org/en/ 
Languages: English, Polish 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Fedora Core based 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Aurox is a distribution developed in Poland and aimed at mainstream users. The most recent version is based on Fedora Core.
Developer: blag project 
Website: http://www.blagblagblag.org 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: blag is a RedHat based distribution. It offers most things that any computer user might need (office suit, multimedia, graphics and more)
Kalango Linux
Developer: Kalango Project 
Website: http://www.kalangolinux.org 
Languages: Portuguese 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Debian based, Live CD 
Platforms: Intel compatible 
Description: A version of Kurumin (which is based on Knoppix) that can be installed.
Developer: Free-EOS Project 
Website: http://free-eos.org/ 
Languages: French Categories: Mainstream/General Public 
Platforms: Intel compatible 
Description: Distribution developed in France and aimed at Microsoft Windows users.
PCQuest Linux
Developer: PC Quest Magazine 
Website: http://www.pcquest.com/ 
Languages: English 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Fedora Core based 
Platforms: Intel compatible
Description: Mainstream Linux distribution based on Red Hat’s Fedora Core and developed by the magazine PC Quest based in India. The distribution is apparently only obtainable through a subscription to the magazine.
Insigne GNU/Linux
Developer: Insigne Free Software do Brasil 
Website: http://www.insignesoftware…. 
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese 
Categories: Mainstream/General Public, Red Hat based 
Platforms: Intel compatible 
Description: Mainstream Linux distribution based on Red Hat.
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