Working with Desktop in Linux OS

Using the Mouse on the Desktop
Proper usage of the mouse is essential in order to have a rewarding and productive experience on the graphical desktop. Most Linux graphical desktops are designed for use with a 3-button mouse. If you are using a 2-button mouse, during installation, it should have been configured to emulate the middle-button of a 3-button mouse by pressing both buttons simultaneously.
To click on a mouse the left button is depressed. (A mouse configured for a left-handed user will need to have its right button depressed.) The right (or left button for a left-handed mouse) and middle buttons are usually used to invoke special or specific features of the GUI and instructions to do so will be explicitly given.
The term “clicking on the mouse” means that you click on the mouse once.
The term “double clicking” means that you click twice in succession on the mouse.

The term “Right clicking” means that you press Right mouse button.

To “select” an item means clicking it once with the mouse. The term “drag and drop” means that you will have to click on an item and while continuing to hold the mouse button down, drag the item to another place and on reaching its destination drop it by releasing the mouse button.
Changing Desktop Wallpaper
To change to desktop wallpaper/background follow these steps:
1. Right-click on the Desktop
2. From the Desktop menu select Change Desktop Background
3. From the Desktop Background Preferences dialog box select the desired image
4. Click on Close button to close the dialog box.
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