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Network Architectures In Computer Networking

 Network Architectures

LAN Architectures refers to the overall design of a LAN.
Two major components of LAN Architecture are the media access control and LAN topology.
Media access methods dictate how a station gains access to the physical medium.
The two primary methods for LAN’s are CSMA/CD and Token passing. CSMA/CD is found on Ethernet LAN while Token Passing LANs rely on token passing.
Three common types of LAN architecture are Ethernet, Token passing and ArcNet. Ethernet networks, closely aligned with IEEE standard 802.3 are commonly distinguished by their cable; Thinnet, Thicknet, and Twisted-pair cable.
token ring network is an implementation of IEEE 802.5, the standard for the token ring networks.
ArcNet was designed as a token passing bus architecture mapping loosely to the IEEE 802.4 standard.
This specifies the standards for token passing bus networks using broadband cable. ArcNet, however, is a baseband network and can have a star or bus topology.