20 cores, 3.9GHz CPU clocks


Intel is about to launch its new 14th Gen Core “Raptor Lake Refresh” CPUs and like the rumor mill does each time, we get news of future generation processors in the lead-up to the latest ones launching. Now we’re hearing about Intel’s next-gen client CPU in the form of “Lunar Lake”, after years of persistent rumors on the new processors.

Intel Lunar Lake engineering sample CPU (source: SiSoftware database)

Intel Lunar Lake engineering sample CPU (source: SiSoftware database)


The next-gen Intel “Lunar Lake” processors won’t be a high-end gaming CPU architecture but instead will lean towards new low-power devices. The new Lunar Lake CPUs will most likely be released either alongside, or after Intel’s new Arrow Lake CPUs, which will be the replacement for Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake CPUs from the company.

We’ve got some more news on the next-gen Lunar Lake CPUs courtesy of them being spotted on the SiSoftware Sandra database, where the work-in-progress CPUs are referred to as “Intel 0000”, while the platform name is Lunar Lake (LNL-M LPP RVP1). This identifies it as a Lunar Lake CPU that supports LPDDR5 memory.

What do we know now, that we didn’t know before? Well, the listing for the Intel Lunar Lake CPU teases that it rocks 20 cores, a clock speed of up to 3.91GHz, and a power rating of 17W. I’d take these with a giant grain of salt, as it’s nowhere near final silicon, and it’s just a listing on the SiSoftware Sandra database.

We don’t know how the distribution of the CPU cores is on the Intel Lunar Lake processor, given that the cores inside of the compute chiplet are still a mystery. We should assume that Intel will pack in 6 x P-Cores and 8 x E-Cores, while the L2 cache should be somewhere in the vicinity of 10MB + 4MB which, as VideoCardz points out, suggests this chip has 4 x P-Cores and 4 x E-Cores in total.

Intel Lunar Lake engineering sample CPU (source: SiSoftware database)

Intel Lunar Lake engineering sample CPU (source: SiSoftware database)

Intel is expected to use the same core architecture as Arrow Lake — so, Lion Cove and Skymont cores here with Lunar Lake — where the listing on the SiSoftware Sandra database leaves out that it should rock Xe2-LPG graphics on-board… which is an upgrade of over the Xe-LPG graphics inside of Arrow Lake. Intel’s new Lunar Lake CPUs will feature fewer Xe-Cores on the GPU side of things, given that it’s a smaller, lower-power processor.

Intel recently teased its new Lunar Lake processors at its recent Innovation event, confirming that the company is currently in the testing phase of its new processor. We have no ETA right now, but we should expect more details in the second half of 2024, while a release is probably penned for some time in 2025.