Amazon announces Q just days after ChatGPT maker OpenAI announces Q*

OpenAI just announced its Q* platform, and now we have Amazon announcing its new Amazon Q platform, which allows businesses to ask questions specific to their companies.

Amazon announces Q just days after ChatGPT maker OpenAI announces Q* 10


Amazon Q was announced during a keynote speech by AWS CEO Adam Selipsky at AWS re:Invent, where Amazon Q will be like an AI assistant that lets people ask questions about their businesses using their data. Amazon Q will let employees ask it questions about the company they work for instead of finding the information themselves, which would take far longer (and sometimes, multiple people to sift through data).

The new Amazon Q features can be accessed through AWS Management Console or individual companies’ documentation pages, developer environments including Slack, and other third-party apps in the wild. Amazon says its new Q platform has been trained on 17 years of AWS knowledge and experience.

Amazon is charging $40 per agent per month for its Amazon Q in Connect, where on its AWS Connect website, users can test Amazon Q in Connect “for no charge until March 1, 2024”.

Dr. Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Data and Artificial Intelligence, explained: “Generative AI has the potential to spur a technological shift that will reshape how people do everything from searching for information and exploring new ideas to writing and building applications”.

“AWS is helping customers harness generative AI with solutions at all three layers of the stack, including purpose-built infrastructure, tools, and applications. Amazon Q builds on AWS’s history of taking complex, expensive technologies and making them accessible to customers of all sizes and technical abilities, with a data-first approach and enterprise-grade security and privacy built-in from the start. By bringing generative AI to where our customers work-whether they are building on AWS, working with internal data and systems, or using a range of data and business applications-Amazon Q is a powerful addition to the application layer of our generative AI stack that opens up new possibilities for every organization”.

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