Amazon’s new AI has gone haywire and is ‘leaking confidential data’

Earlier this week, Amazon announced it was jumping into the AI chatbot arms race with its own chatbot called Q.

Amazon's new AI has gone haywire and is 'leaking confidential data' 9658


Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that Q isn’t designed to directly compete with goliath AI-powered tools developed by OpenAI, such as ChatGPT, but instead will go head to head against Microsoft’s AI developer assistant called Copilot. AWS CEO Adam Selipsky announced that Amazon Q would be the AI assistant businesses would query about their business using their own business data. Examples of this would be employees asking Q about relevant company information and sifting through large swaths of data.

Leaked documents obtained by Platformer has revealed that Q has begun to suffer “severe hallucinations” and is, unfortunately, “leaking confidential data“. Notably, this wasn’t just a small leak of confidential data, as reports indicate AWS engineers were forced to work through the weekend to repair an error labeled “sev 2“. This error actually leaked the locations of AWS data centers and unreleased features.

While the leaking of data online typically isn’t good for anyone, it’s especially not good for companies that are trying to keep their data as secure as possible as any leaks could impact profits, cause a loss of IP, reveal insider secrets that benefit competitors, and much more. Due to the nature of business, AWS having Q already leaking information about AWS is a striking blow to the confidence companies will have in this technology.

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