Apple Music will pay artists more for spatial audio songs to bolster its catalog

Apple is reportedly ready to start paying artists and record labels more money for the songs that are streamed if those songs also have a version with spatial audio support – notably, the song streamed doesn’t have to be a spatial audio one, just so long as there is a spatial audio version in Apple Music’s library.

Spatial audio uses Dolby Atmos technology to create a 3D soundscape that can sound pretty great, especially when used with headphones. The HomePod supports spatial audio, but it’s when listening with earbuds or headphones that things can come alive. But right now the number of songs with spatial audio support is limited and some of those that have it already sound pretty poor. Now, Apple seems to be ready to throw money at the problem.

Apple Music will pay artists more for spatial audio songs to bolster its catalog 02


That’s according to a new Bloomberg report which says that unnamed sources have reported that Apple is in talks with those involved in the industry to make the new payment model work. It’s one that should see more music have spatial audio versions available, with the report noting that the costs involved with making a Dolby Atmos version of a song are not prohibitive.

Apple Music launched spatial audio in 2021 and other companies have since followed suit, but Apple appears to be the company determined to ensure that those who enjoy the spatial audio experience can find the songs they want, including older ones. Apple reportedly declined to comment on the report, while this isn’t the first time that it’s been suggested. A Digital Music News report from October previously claimed that Apple was mulling such a move over.

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