Apple takes significant step toward launching Vision Pro in ‘early 2024’

In the latest edition of Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who pens his own Power On newsletter, the tech journalist explains that Apple has begun Vision Pro training sessions for retail employees.

Apple takes significant step toward launching Vision Pro in 'early 2024' 465465


In the newsletter, Gurman writes that Apple has started scheduling two-day Vision Pro training courses for Apple employees in retail stores. Apple has reportedly flown out at least one employee from every Apple Store in the United States to California, where they will undergo the training and then fly back to their respective stores to train the other staff. The goal behind the training, which is scheduled to take place in January, is to make each Apple employee fully competent in the Vision Pro setup, which is custom for each person.

The training camp will include rigorous hands-on experience with the Vision Pro, with Gurman even writing, “The device needs to be customized for each person, and a poor fitting could ultimately ruin the user’s experience. Every step will be carefully orchestrated, including how retail employees approach a customer and how they place the device on a user’s head.

Furthermore, the report states that Apple Stores around the country will start receiving new equipment to “assemble and box up” Vision Pro headsets. Apple employees will also be informed to push “pick up the device at a store,” regardless of whether they ordered it online.

So, when is it coming out? Gurman writes that Apple will be missing its initial release window of January, and that he now expects the company will launch the Vision Pro by at least March.

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