Apple to roll out new feature for checking out when Apple Pay isn’t an option

Apple is expected to roll out a new feature for Apple Pay users who get stumped when attempting to checkout when Apple Pay online isn’t available.

Apple to roll out new feature for checking out when Apple Pay isn't an option 26261


The new feature is currently available for iOS beta users who have downloaded the iOS 17.4 update, and according to reports, the new feature is a “Virtual Card Number“. The new feature is somewhat of an extension of Apple’s prepaid debit card called Apple Cash, which has historically been linked to Apple Pay.

However, Apple Cash doesn’t require the user to hook up a card number and ultimately can be used to send money to friends, transfer to a bank account, or simply add money to an Apple Card balance.

Set Up Virtual Card Number

Keep your card information safe with a new security code for every transaction.

Easily access this card number in Safari AutoFill and use it to shop online where Apple Pay is not available,” writes Apple in its popup message

Now, when Apple Pay isn’t available during checkout, a new popup message will present itself to the user within the Wallet app. The new message prompts users to set up a Virtual Card Number that can be saved in Safari Autofill, enabling users speedy checkouts while shopping on websites that don’t support Apple Pay.

Notably, the Apple Cash virtual card number has yet to be officially rolled out and is only available to beta testers of iOS 17.4. Apple is expected to release iOS 17.4 to the public sometime in March, and before its release, the Virtual Card Number is subject to change.

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