ASRock opens up about potentially making GeForce RTX graphics cards, calls it ‘challenging’

ASRock creates many products, from motherboards to gaming monitors to graphics cards. Regarding graphics cards, ASRock is relatively new to the scene, where its range covers various AMD Radeon and Intel Arc products. Considering ASRock’s history of creating various motherboard designs for many years, working with AMD and Intel in the GPU space was a lateral move.

ASRock's flagship AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX Taichi White 24GB OC, image credit: ASRock.

ASRock’s flagship AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX Taichi White 24GB OC, image credit: ASRock.


The company already had an established working relationship with them, unlike ASRock working with NVIDIA to create GeForce RTX cards. In a new interview with QuasarZone (via Videocardz), an ASRock representative responded to the question of it potentially creating a few GeForce RTX graphics cards.

They didn’t rule out the possibility. However, the ASRock rep confirmed it would be ‘challenging’ to start producing GeForce RTX cards immediately.

Here’s the full response (translated).

What are your plans for the future product lineup? Are there any plans to include NVIDIA graphics cards?

ASRock: This is quite a challenging question. Companies that have both NVIDIA and AMD are ASUS, GIGABYTE, and MSI. These brands have been in operation for a longer time than us, and back when there were founded, there were not only ATI and NVIDIA, but also Elsa and Voodoo. No one had a monopolistic position at the time. However, as time passed, NVIDIA’s market dominance became overwhelming, and a world where the production of NVIDIA VGA became influential emerged. I believe there are complex reasons for this. From the perspective of ASRock, currently producing AMD and Intel VGA, it seems challenging for us to immediately start manufacturing NVIDIA VGA.

The response is fairly open about highlighting that very few brands produce AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, but it’s not unheard of. ASRock’s line-up of GPUs is impressive, from the entry-level Challenger series to Steel Legend, Phantom Gaming, and the flagship Taichi models. Having reviewed a few of these last year, covering AMD and Intel variants, it would be very exciting to see ASRock given the chance to create a few GeForce RTX GPUs in the future.

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