Capcom working on next-gen RE Engine codenamed RE neXt

Capcom is developing a new chapter of its next-gen RE Engine in an effort to keep up with demanding games.

Japanese games developer Capcom turned heads with 2017’s release of Resident Evil 7, a game that utilized its brand new RE Engine technology. Since then, the RE Engine has matured and evolved significantly, delivering high-end visuals and smooth frame rates across numerous Resident Evil remakes, including RE2, RE3, and the most recent RE4 remake, and it’s best-selling Monster Hunter World MMORPG.

Now the company is preparing for the future. A recent video from Capcom’s R&D YouTube channel outlines the current state of the engine and what’s on the horizon. Details and specifics are vague, but Capcom is working on a new iteration of the RE Engine that’s codenamed REX (RE neXt Engine).

In the video, Capcom outlines the rationale for REX, saying that the RE Engine has certain constraints that need to be expanded in order to keep up with the demanding content flow of modern games.

Capcom working on next-gen RE Engine codenamed RE neXt 1


“Compared to the first release of Resident Evil 7, the number of assets and the scale of the code for recent projects has ballooned more than five times. This has resulted in slower iteration.

“A new level of engine is needed that goes beyond the boundaries of in-house engines.

“We have begun development of this next-generation engine, code-named REX.

“Rather than building an entirely new engine from scratch, REX will gradually introduce the next RE+X technology into the RE Engine.

“In this way, we will raise the current RE Engine to the next-generation level.”

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