Charging your iPhone in your car might break Apple Pay and no we aren’t joking

You’ve probably already seen the stories of people’s new iPhone 15 Pro handsets getting warm, but have you heard the one about iPhones getting so hot that they break their Apple Pay feature? That’s a thing, believe it or not. But at least it doesn’t sound like this one is being based by Apple or its new iPhones.

The problem, it seems, crops up whenever people charge their iPhones using their in-car wireless charger and then go to use Apple Pay only to find that the payment feature no longer works. The problem? It seems that some wireless chargers are getting so hot that they’re damaging the iPhone itself, specifically the NFC chip that makes Apple Pay work.

Charging your iPhone in your car might break Apple Pay and no we aren't joking 02


The original reports about this were specifically for Apple’s iPhone 15 lineup, but it’s since become clear that it’s a problem that affects all iPhones. It was also said that it was specific to BMW but, again, it now seems that people with other cars from Ford, Audi, and others are also having similar problems.

The issue seems to be that the wireless chargers in cars are simply getting so hot that they’re causing iPhones to cook themselves. Some people report seeing an error on their iPhone’s display that warned them the device was too hot and that it would need to cool down before it could be used.

At this point, it’s difficult to offer a solution here beyond simply not using your car’s wireless charger for fear of overheating the iPhone. The fact that multiple cars and types of iPhones are involved makes it clear this isn’t an issue that is isolated or limited to specific models.

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