EA Sports FC Tactical is revealed, and it’s a – wait for it

Ever wanted to play turn-based soccer? No, it’s not something we’ve ever thought of, but EA has turned (pun not intended) this very idea into a mobile game.

We've got to go for the 'wild tap dribble' right? (Image Credit: EA Sports)

We’ve got to go for the ‘wild tap dribble’ right? (Image Credit: EA Sports)


EA Sports FC Tactical will be out on Android and iOS, bristling with 5,000 authentic players drawn from over 10 top leagues (with the Premier League being one of them, as you might expect, as well as the Bundesliga and Serie A).

EA tells us the emphasis will be on planning in-game strategies and managing elements such as stamina and power-plays. Simulated matches will offer turn-based decisions on defense and attack, with choices of whether to go for goal, or dribble, and so forth, along with skill moves to employ, all adding up to ‘authentic’ football action.

An EA press release promises an “all-new football experience that immerses players in the World’s Game like never before” when the mobile title arrives early in 2024.

All the usual elements will be present including a choice of a bunch of play modes, from online friendlies to competitions, with leagues, ranked matches, and guilds.

EA says you’ll be able to: “Train players to master high-skill moves, unlock perfect traits for deeper progression, and customize your team with various items like stadium designs, kits, and balls.”

You can pre-register for the game now on iOS or Android, and while details are a bit thin on the ground in this initial announcement, more info about EA Sports FC Tactical will be coming soon.

We’re certainly intrigued at the idea of turn-based footy – although of course, such games already exist (like Football, Tactics & Glory for the PC, which is well thought of on Steam) – and we’ll be keen to see how it plays out.

Now EA has cut ties with the FIFA brand, maybe we’ll see more different spins on its football franchise.

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