‘Godfather of AI’ warns humans are creating the very thing that may take over Earth

Geoffrey Hinton, a computer scientist who is renowned as “The Godfather of AI” for his contributions toward what we call artificial intelligence today, has warned that humanity is at risk of being taken over by machines.

In a newly published interview with 60 Minutes, Hinton expresses real concern for the coming developments of artificial intelligence and suggests that even AI tools that we see today are likely more intelligent than we understand. During the interview, Hinton says that if AI continues to evolve at the exponential rate it’s developing now, it will eventually be able to write its own code and circumvent human programming limitations.

This isn’t the first time Hinton has expressed concern over the underlying technology he helped create taking over the planet, as he said back in March that AI poses a real risk of leading humanity to its extinction. Notably, Hinton quit his role at Google earlier this year to further pursue warning the public about the dangers of artificial intelligence and consult on its safety.

Geoffrey Hinton

Geoffrey Hinton


One of the ways these systems might escape control is by writing their own computer code to modify themselves,” Hinton said in the interview. “And that’s something we need to seriously worry about.

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