GTA 6 confirmed for 2025 launch, trailer released early

BREAKING: Rockstar Games has released the new Grand Theft Auto trailer early in an attempt to get ahead of leaks.

It’s official: The next Grand Theft Auto game is indeed called GTA VI, and features two protagonists in a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde crime story set for a 2025 launch.

Rockstar Games has released the first 90-second trailer for GTA 6 ahead of schedule, with the studio responding quickly to a recent video leak that spread far and wide. Instead of waiting for the internet to spoil their surprise, Rockstar just premiered the GTA VI trailer on its official YouTube channel, revealing in-game and cinematic footage set in the fictional Miami-inspired Vice City.

GTA 6 confirmed for 2025 launch, trailer released early 6


The trailer showcases upgraded visuals befit of a new console generation, and should push the PS5 and Series X to their limits. The sequences look much more graphically impressive, with animations and other in-game sequences much more smooth than GTA V.

This is just the first of the new GTA 6 trailers so expect to see more footage roll out in the coming months, possibly with breakdowns from the developers.

GTA 6’s release timing was previously telegraphed by Take-Two Interactive management, who pinpointed a massive influx of revenues for FY24 and FY25. The company had said it expects to make over $8 billion in FY24 as part of a significantly large release slate of games, which includes Grand Theft Auto 6.

A 2025 release date for GTA 6 could put the game in either fiscal year timeline, and it’s worth mentioning that Take-Two expects FY25’s revenues to be even higher than $8 billion.

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