GTA 6 fan quits smoking, doesn’t want to be in hospital sick and not playing GTA 6 at release

Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to break records when it comes out, it’s one of the most anticipated games of all time… and there are gamers out there that will go to great lengths to play it… including going cold turkey from smoking cigarettes.

GTA 6 fan quits smoking, doesn't want to be in hospital sick and not playing GTA 6 at release 107


A particular GTA 6 fan has posted on Reddit, picked up by Dexerto that claims that he’s given up smoking because of the impending release of Grand Theft Auto 6. The reason? This gamer wants to not be sick from any cigarette-related illness or miss out on playing GTA 6 at launch because he’s stuck in the hospital over something that could’ve been prevented.

The post reads: “I’ve been a fairly heavy smoker for a while now. Lately I’ve been coughing a lot more and just feeling like shit from the cigarettes but addiction is a hell of a thing. I’m so hyped for GTA 6 the thought of being in hospital or on heavy medication as the result of cigarettes has got me to quit cold turkey. I will not miss out on this game and want to be in my best possible health for it. Today is 10 days free. Thanks Rockstar!

Rockstar is still hard at work on GTA 6, with release dates teased recently… but nothing concrete yet. What we do know, is that Rockstar’s next-gen RAGE version 9 engine will be powering Grand Theft Auto 6, and here’s what to expect from the RAGE 9 engine:

  • Game physics (water physically simulated in real-time, better vehicle deformations, etc.).
  • More realistic time management (morning, day, evening and night)
  • Quality of rendering (textures, lighting, volumetric clouds, etc.)
  • Artificial intelligence (interactions with NPCs, police reaction, etc.)
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