GTA 6 trailer post is the most popular gaming Tweet of all time

Rockstar Games catches the interest of millions of consumers with its mega-popular GTA 6 announcement.

GTA 6 trailer post is the most popular gaming Tweet of all time 2


Yesterday, Rockstar Games announced that the first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer would drop on Tuesday, December 5 at 9AM EST. In just a day’s time, that simple announcement has become the most-liked gaming Tweet of all time, breaking a previous record that was also set by Rockstar.

The GTA 6 trailer announcement has racked up 1.7 million likes on Twitter, and has been viewed by 135 million people. This proves something that most gamers already know: When Rockstar talks about GTA, everyone listens, especially when its GTA 6. Considering the franchise has sold over 410 million copies with GTA V alone shipping 190 million of that total, these numbers are something we should probably expect.

The previous record had also been set by Rockstar with the November 8 confirmation of a new GTA 6 trailer being on the way. That Tweet had 1.6 million likes with 184.1 million views across the platform. Rockstar also accumulated over 1 million likeswith its official response to the disastrous GTA 6 content leaks.

The first trailer is expected to deliver big numbers across all channels, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube.

As per Bloomberg’s sources, GTA 6 is expected to tell a high-stakes modernized version of the classic Bonnie and Clyde story, potentially starring the characters that were featured in last year’s GTA 6 video and picture leaks, a tall American named Jason and a latina named Lucia.

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