GTA V’s Michael actor Ned Luke swatted while live streaming Grand Theft Auto Online

Internet trolls have struck again, this time hitting one of the best-known faces in gaming.

Ned Luke, the actor who played the irascible bank robber Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V, was recently swatted while live streaming to fans. A clip of Luke being interrupted by a phone call was spotted by Dexerto:

“Oh nice, nice, nice,” Luke sarcastically said before telling his audience what had happened. “Alright, I gotta go. Now these assholes have swatted my house, so I’ve gotta go.”

In a long thread on Twitter, Luke says this is the sixth time he has been swatted, but this time the fire department was dispatched.

And swatting isn’t all that internet trolls have done over the years, with Luke discussing harassment in the form of fraudulent pizza deliveries, locksmiths, taxis, and more.

“I was hoping this shit would stay quiet…but…let me address it. Everyone is fine, thanks for your concern. This is the SIXTH time we have been swatted, but points for originality, this time they sent the fire department. There is nothing cute or clever or funny about this.”

Contrary to some remarks on Twitter, Rockstar Games apparently isn’t to blame; Luke’s info wasn’t leaked by Grand Theft Auto Online.

“…my private information was NOT attained from my livestream or from GTA Online. It was leaked years ago by someone who did a routine search on the internet and thought it would be cute to put it out there. RockstarGames is NOT to blame.”

Luke isn’t perturbed by the pranks, which have very serious consequences in the eyes of the law. GTA V’s Michael De Santa says that he won’t let the trolls interrupt his 10th anniversary playthrough of one of gaming’s best-selling titles.

“I assume the intention is to shut me down, harass me and put me ill at ease. Guess what? It ain’t fucking working. I’m not afraid. I’m not losing sleep.

“And I sure as hell am not going to stop doing my thing. That thing right now is my 10th anniversary playthrough. That will absolutely continue to completion, and beyond.”

Luke will be holding a livestream on his Streamily page on December 7th where he will sign autographs for fans.

GTA V's Michael actor Ned Luke swatted while live streaming Grand Theft Auto Online 5


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