Halo season 2 could win back faithful fans, trailer shows authentic franchise themes

Following strong controversy over season 1, Paramount could redeem its Halo TV series with its upcoming second season.

Halo is returning to Paramount with a second season that debuts on February 8, 2024, the streamer has announced. The first two episodes of Halo S2 will be available on that date, with new episodes releasing every week after the premiere. Paramount has dropped a new 90 second trailer for Halo season 2 that appears to tap into the core themes of the franchise, capturing some impressive shots along the way.

The trailer really underscores the desperation and dimming hope that the human race had to face in Halo’s sci-fi universe. The galaxy is on fire, ignited by a bloodthirsty alien zealots who seek to burn whole worlds in a misguided religious crusade. The footage shows planets being glassed by Covenant supercruisers, marines being brutally slashed in the shadows by a lethal elite assassin, and Master Chief going toe-to-toe with a sword-bearing elite in a sequence that can only be described as epic.

The Covenant is invading UNSC space. Human-inhabited planets are starting to get overrun and outright annihilated by super alien technology. Heroic marines and spartans are being called to face against the Covenant and die in order to protect Earth and all of her colonies.

Halo season 2 could win back faithful fans, trailer shows authentic franchise themes 2


“The enemy is at our gates,” the show’s Captain Jacob Keyes says in the trailer, possibly referencing a speech made during a critical last stand battle.

The reception around the season 2 trailer has been strong so far and fans seem optimistic that the new season could redeem some of the blunders made in season 1–despite its strong performance for Paramount, Halo season 1 has been lambasted among fans for veering so far from its source material.

Season 2 will premiere on February 8, 2024.

“Master Chief John-117 leads his team of elite Spartans against the alien threat known as the Covenant. As humanity’s best hope for winning the war, John-117 discovers his deep connection to a mysterious alien structure that holds the key to humankind’s salvation, or its destruction – the Halo.”

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