Intel showcases Meteor Lake integrated GPU with 8K 60FPS video playback

Intel has shown off an incredible feat for integrated GPU technology, with its upcoming Meteor Lake iGPU and its low-power E-Cores running some mighty impressive 8K 60FPS video playback. Check it out:

The next-gen Intel Meteor Lake CPUs will be the 1st Gen Core Ultra CPUs through its new rebranding process, packing a bunch of IPs and architectures into Meteor Lake. The tiled architecture approach boasts a wide range of technologies inside, with Intel showing it off the advantages that Meteor Lake will deliver. The company showcased its new Meteor Lake iGPU and its low-power E-Cores running high-bitrate 8K 60FPS video.

8K 60FPS video isn’t easy on anything really, even your internet connection needs to be 100Mbps+ to not have to buffer on YouTube pumping out 8K 60FPS. Intel is using an upgraded Alchemist GPU architecture to get this running, with the beefed-up Alchemist GPU tile on the Meteor Lake CPU handling high-bitrate 8K 60FPS video playback with ease. Intel showed off a demo using a high-bitrate 8K 60FPS stream at 120Mbps using the HEVC codec.

Intel showcases Meteor Lake integrated GPU with 8K 60FPS video playback 05


Intel points out that just a few years ago, you’d need workstation-class hardware to run 8K 60FPS video playback, and they’re right. But, once Meteor Lake is here with the 1st Gen Core Ultra CPUs, it’ll be a thing of the past. A next-gen light form-factor laptop will be able to slice through some of the hardest-to-run video you can watch: 8K 60FPS.

Why is this beneficial? Well, Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake platform has 2 x low-power E-Cores on the SoC tile, and given that the media engine is also in the SoC tile, it means laptops of the future powered by Meteor Lake will be capable of off-loading all of the video processing to the low-power E-Cores for high-efficiency video decoding and even 1080p playback. The Compute Tile and Graphics Tile could be disabled, which would mean power consumption would plummet, meaning for some super-low-power consumption numbers on future-gen Meteor Lake-powered laptops.

Intel explained: “See Meteor Lake video in action on Intel Core Ultra laptops with integrated Intel Arc graphics. We went all the way to Malaysia to watch the GPU enable smooth playback of high-bitrate 8K60 footage, a task that required workstation-class hardware just a few years ago. In another demo, Meteor Lake’s disaggregated architecture and focus on power efficiency enable 1080p playback with the CPU and GPU tiles turned off, leveraging low-power E-cores and video decoding built into the SoC tile“.

Intel is expected to launch its next-gen Meteor Lake platform on December 14, so we don’t have much longer to wait to see just what it’s new Meteor Lake platform is capable of. 8K 60FPS is an impressive feat, especially for something that’s not being run on a discrete GPU. I’m looking forward to going hands-on with Intel Meteor Lake later this year to try 8K 60FPS video playback out, that’s for sure.

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