Intel Xeon ‘Emerald Rapids’ Xeon 8551C, 8558P CPUs teased… AMD EPYC will smash them easy

We first started hearing about Intel’s next-gen Xeon “Emerald Rapids” CPUs back in August 2021; fast-forward two years, and we’re still not seeing them in the wild, with new rumors teasing Intel’s upcoming Xeon Platinum 8551C and Xeon Platinum 8558P “Emeralds Rapids” processors.

Intel's new Xeon "Emerald Rapids" CPUs (source: Geekbench)

Intel’s new Xeon “Emerald Rapids” CPUs (source: Geekbench)


Intel’s new Xeon Platinum 8551C and Xeon Platinum 8558P “Emeralds Rapids” processors both feature 48 cores and 96 threads of CPU power, recently tested on the CentOS Linux OS and 256GB of DDR5 memory. Geekbench results see both the new Emerald Rapids CPUs at up to 3.17GHz during their testing, with the 8551C featuring a 2.9GHz base clock and the 8558P featuring a 2.7GHz base clock.

But… AMD has released its consumer-focused HEDT processors with the new Ryzen Threadripper 7000 series featuring up to 64 cores and 128 threads on the desktop, not an Xeon-based CPU for servers. There’s also the Ryzen Threadripper 7970X processor with 32 cores and 64 threads that comes close to the multi-core performance in Geekbench against the Xeon Platinum 8551C.

Intel will announce its new Xeon “Emerald Rapids” on December 14, where we will be introduced to the new Meteor Lake CPU platform, too. We’re going to hear about everything AI because Intel’s event is actually called AI Everywhere. I can’t wait to see what CPUs Intel has in its benchmark charts for its new Xeon “Emerald Rapids” platform.

Above that, without even entering the EPYC family of CPUs… AMD has its flagship Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7995WX processors with 96 cores and 192 threads of Zen 4-powered CPU performance available for HEDT platforms… on your desk. The server, data center, and AI side of things can scale even higher with AMD offering its EPYC family of processors led by the AMD EPYC “Bergamo” CPU that has 128 cores and 256 threads of CPU power

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