iPhone 15, 14, and 15 will support 15W Qi2 wireless charging

When Apple announced the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro it was confirmed that both phones will support the Qi2 wireless charging standard. Similar to MagSafe, the new standard allows for magnetic charging with speeds of up to 15W. However, it wasn’t confirmed at the time that we should expect the iPhone to also charge that fast using those chargers. To date, iPhones have only charged at 15W when using MagSafe, limiting standard Qi chargers to just 7.5W. However, there’s good news.

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17.2 update is set to bring Qi2 support to the older iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 families of devices which had people wondering what that meant for charging speeds. Would all of these devices top out at 15W, or would Apple limit people to a lower charging speed if they didn’t choose an official MagSafe charger?

Confirmed: iPhone 15, 14, and 15 will support 15W Qi2 wireless charging 02


Now, we appear to have had an answer. Speaking with The Verge, Anker an Anker spokesperson confirmed that its MagGo products will indeed charge at 15W when used on compatible iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 devices with Qi2 support. The one difference will be the iPhone 12 mini which will continue to max out at 12W, just as it does when paired with one of Apple’s own MagSafe chargers. It’s thought that’s down to the smaller size and the inability to properly dissipate the heat generated by 15W charging.

The Wireless Power Consortium also confirmed to The Verge that six brands of chargers have already gone through the certification process required to use the Qi2 branding including Belkin, Anker, BH-EVS, Shenzhen Chipvision Microelectronics, NuVolta, and Dongguan Aohai Technology. Some of those names are more familiar than others, but it’s possible that the unfamiliar companies will simply provide the charging apparatus that will be used by companies that we might know the names of.

As for when any of these products will arrive, we still don’t know. Some manufacturers had suggested that a launch in 2023 was in the cards, but with the days starting to run down before the end of the year that now seems increasingly unlikely. However, with CES set to kick off in January 2024 it’s possible that we will see more than a few new Qi2-compatible chargers break cover then. And with these chargers no longer having to pay Apple for MagSafe certification, we can only hope for some cheaper chargers as a result of that fact, too. Time, as ever, will tell.

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