Meta announces its stopped five political influence campaign from China

Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, has announced it removed nearly 5,000 fake accounts that were attempting to influence US politics, and these accounts can be linked back to China.

Meta announces its stopped five political influence campaign from China 5555


The parent company of Facebook and Instagram announced that it deleted 4,800 fake accounts that it says were part of a China-based influence campaign whose goal was to post polarizing content ahead of the 2024 presidential election. Meta writes that the influence operation was one of two campaigns detected by Meta during the third quarter of 2023 and that these accounts actively posted in English about US politics and US-China relations, criticizing both sides of the US political spectrum.

Meta explained that these accounts used what appears to be “copy-pasted partisan content from people on X” and that these accounts acquired their information from both liberal and conservative sources. Additionally, these accounts mixed in resharing into their posts by resharing genuine content from politicians and news outlets.

It’s unclear whether this approach was designed to amplify partisan tensions, build audiences among these politicians’ supporters, or to make the fake accounts sharing authentic content appear more genuine,” the tech firm said.

Meta recently warned in a report that it expects foreign governments are likely to attempt to influence the 220242 election with waves of fake social media accounts and that this election cycle will be different from others as the US government isn’t providing information to social media platforms regarding the operations of foreign cyber intelligence. If you want to read more about Meta’s warning, check out the below link.

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