Micron’s 1.5TB MicroSD card is costly but awesome for the Steam Deck or Switch

Micron’s new 1.5TB microSD card is the world’s largest in terms of storage capacity, but it’s pricey at around USD 400. Still, seeing a microSD card with a 1.5TB capacity is a little crazy – but before we wondered how Micron managed to fit that amount of data onto something the size of a sim card, we began thinking about its potential usage.


And sure, for photographers and videographers, it’s a potential game-changer, but we were something a little more literally game-changing. Pairing this with the Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch would mean being able to install just about every game you can think of without having to worry about running out of storage.

The Switch features only 32GB of internal storage, and the Steam Deck starts at 64GB (256GB and 512GB are also available), so expanding that with an additional 1.5TB is the dream. And sure, 1TB microSD cards are a lot cheaper, but going all the way to 1.5TB would no doubt be worthwhile in an era when game install sizes keep growing.

As reported on TechRadar, based on the size and weight of Micron’s new 1.5TB microSD card, the current pricing makes it on par with the cost of diamonds. That is the shiny stuff you see on rings that cost a lot of money. The new microSD card, the Micron MTSD1T5ANC8MS-1WT, is available at select retailers, including Mouser Electronics, Arrow, and Newark.

And now we wait for the inevitable 2TB microSD card, which would be even better for game storage.

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