NASA breaks record for the fastest human-made object

NASA’s spacecraft that is orbiting the sun has absolutely smashed its previous record set back in November 2021.

The Parker Solar Probe is a NASA spacecraft designed to monitor and observe our local star, and while it orbits the sun it collects valuable data that is then relayed back to Earth for researchers to interpret and develop a deeper understanding of solar weather, solar patterns, star evolution and more. The Parker Solar Probe is the fastest human-made object, and on September 27 the probe reached 394,736 mph (635,266 km/h), breaking its previous record of 364,660 mph (586,863 kmh).

That wasn’t the only record that the Parker Solar Probe broke on September 27, as reports indicate it also broke its distance record by coming within 4.51 million miles of the surface of the Sun, which is closer than any other spacecraft has been before. The probe has one more scheduled fly-by of the sun, and it will be its closest approach yet at 3.83 million miles from the surface of the sun. That fly-by is scheduled to take place in late 2024.

NASA breaks record for the fastest human-made object 987334


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