Nintendo Switch earned $74 billion since 2017 launch

Seven years of game and hardware sales have propelled Nintendo Switch platform revenues to astronomical heights.

Nintendo Switch earned $74 billion since 2017 launch 7


Nintendo’s latest Q2 earnings report gave key updates on the state of its games business, and things are looking great for the Japanese entertainment giant. Looking at the lifetime revenues of the Switch platform really underlines how well the handheld-console hybrid has performed across its 7-year lifetime.

According to figures provided by Nintendo and charted by us, the Switch platform has generated a whopping $73.9 billion in revenues since its release in March 2017 all the way to September 2023. Major milestones across this lifecycle include over 132 million Switch console shipments and 1.133 billion games sold, which highlights Nintendo’s current unshakable place in the Big 3.

Nintendo Switch earned $74 billion since 2017 launch 6

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market across eight fiscal years and has entered its seventh year on the market. Based on our projections, the system is unlikely to beat Nintendo’s best-selling DS handheld; the Switch would need an extra 14 million shipments following this year’s forecasted sales.

One of the most interesting things about the data is that Nintendo has still made quite a bit of money from non-Switch platforms during the Switch’s lifecycle, which includes the systems like the Wii U and 3DS.

Nintendo Switch earned $74 billion since 2017 launch 5

Nintendo provides specific breakout figures for its Switch platform, and it’s important to note that these numbers are on JPY -> USD conversions based on the average foreign exchange rates provided in the company’s reports.

The Switch’s successor is expected to be announced sometime in 2024, with sources saying that the system could launch sometime in the latter half of the year, possibly during the holiday season. The next-gen Switch is expected to push 4K gaming through a newly-upgraded NVIDIA Tegra chip that leverages its AI-powered DLSS technology.

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