Nintendo will continue to support the Switch into 2025, Switch 2 still on track for late 2024

Rumors surrounding the upcoming launch of the still-to-be-announced Nintendo Switch 2 (if it ends up benign called that) have been ramping up in recent weeks. According to multiple sources, the new console was shown to developers at Gamescom in September, with demos showcasing 4K visuals thanks to new NVIDIA DLSS-powered hardware. And with that, several insiders and industry analysts are predicting a second-half of 2024 launch for the Switch 2.

Nintendo still plans to develop and release games for the existing Switch through 2025.

Nintendo still plans to develop and release games for the existing Switch through 2025.


Where does this leave the current Nintendo Switch? According to a new interview with Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa over at the Japanese publication Nikkei (translated via VGC), it’s business as usual for the current Switch. For the current fiscal year ending March 2024, the company will focus primarily on the Switch, with support and game releases continuing to the next financial year ending March 2025.

“We are still working on software for the Switch for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2025,” Furukawa said in the interview. “In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, we hope to sustain the momentum of Zelda and the [Super Mario Bros] movie, with a focus on the holiday sales season. As for hardware, we will maximize not only new demand for the hardware but also for those buying second consoles and replacements.”

Even though plenty of first-party Nintendo games are coming, including a Princess Peach title and remakes/remasters of Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, this still lines up with the Nintendo Switch 2 arriving later next year. The next mainline Mario game from the team behind the brilliant Super Mario Odyssey is heavily rumored to be a launch title. Then there’s the long-in-development Metroid Prime 4, also rumored for the next-gen Switch.

Focusing on the existing Switch makes sense; it’s one of the most popular and successful consoles of all time, and continuing to release new titles plays into the rumored backward compatibility features of the next console.

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