OpenAI made huge breakthrough before ousting Sam Altman, introducing Q*

Well, today will be known as one of the most important days in history… where we’re finding out that OpenAI has had a breakthrough in AI with the introduction of Q* (pronounced Q-Star), and that’s behind the firing of OpenAI co-founder and CEO Sam Altman.

OpenAI made huge breakthrough before ousting Sam Altman, introducing Q* 903


While internally, OpenAI believes that this AI breakthrough in their search for artificial general intelligence (AGI) is another step in their progress with Q*. AGI has been one of the points scientists, researchers, and especially AI companies like OpenAI have been striving towards. AGI systems are smarter than humans… it’s not just a chatbot anymore, but something different entirely.

Going with a little bit of fringe thinking here, but has this Q* been the one behind all of the absolutely insane, wow moments of AI drama? Because at this point, it would all start to make sense as one large “conspiracy” that is unfolding in front of our eyes.

1 point that’s interesting is that a few days before Altman was fired from OpenAI, multiple staff researchers sent the board of directors a letter warning them of a powerful artificial intelligence discovery — AGI and this new Q* — that could “threaten humanity,” according to two people familiar with the matter, told Reuters.

Whereas now, the unreported letter and new Q* was the “catalyst that caused the board to oust Altman, the poster child of generative AI,” explained the two sources.

Great news for Altman when he was fired, as Microsoft hired him for their new advanced AI research team, and the OpenAI staffers revolted, with 700+ of the near-800 staffers threatening the OpenAI board they’d leave to follow Altman and other ex-OpenAI staffers to Microsoft. It all changed overnight — as it has been every night for OpenAI — with Altman now back at OpenAI and now the introduction of Q*.

All of this is very Interesting…

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