Phil Spencer shares insight on Xbox’s long-term strategy

Xbox boss Phil Spencer reiterates and underscores Microsoft’s multi-platform business model for gaming.

Xbox hasn’t been a console for many years now. Instead, Xbox is now a service-oriented ecosystem that spans online content, subscriptions/services, and hardware. Instead of relying exclusively on Xbox consoles to act as spending gateways, Microsoft has adapted Xbox across all major touchpoints, offering its content and services everywhere that games can be played. From PCs to smartphones and even console-free gaming access directly on TVs via cloud game streaming, it seems like Xbox is expanding quickly.

This is all part of Microsoft’s grand unified vision for gaming. Not only is the company seeking to create a Universal Store that will sell games, content, and services cross consoles, PCs, mobiles and more, but Microsoft also wants to continue leveraging its core strengths as a service-first, infrastructure-driven company and usher in a new wave of cross-platform access for consumers. The idea is to have every consumer become a gamer, and have all gamers spending either time or money in monetized, online-connected worlds.

If successful, Microsoft wants to generate $32 billion in gaming revenues by the year 2030.

At the recent CCXP23 event in Brazil, Xbox gaming CEO Phil Spencer reiterates the overarching long-term goal for the video games unit. Spencer mentions that Microsoft wants to make cross-platform integration more convenient for consumers, which is something that Xbox has been trying to do since releasing its first PC games as part of the Play Anywhere initiative.

Phil Spencer shares insight on Xbox's long-term strategy 33


“A product like Minecraft, which is highly creative and creators come in…it’s sold over 300 million copies worldwide. For us, it’s our biggest first-party franchise at Xbox, but it’s really a franchise that belongs to fans. So we want to continue to reach more gamers, with more games, bringing games to a ton of people, and Brazil is such a great place for us to be to talk about what we’re trying to do.

“Our strategy here in Brazil and globally is really clear. We want to bring to great games to places where players can play them, whether it’s on our Xbox consoles, which we love, whether it’s on gaming PCs or people playing on the cloud on their smart TVs, or on their mobile phones. About 40% of the people who play video games today play on multiple screens.

“Meaning they might want to start playing a game like Minecraft on their phone, and then go to the console, and then go to PC. So we want to make it very convenient for people to play with the people who they want to play with, play the games they want, anywhere they want to play.”

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