PlayStation 5 outsold Xbox Series nearly 3:1 through 2023, analyst firm estimates

As Sony achieves 50 million units sold to consumers, Microsoft may be struggling to find market share in video games hardware.

PlayStation 5 outsold Xbox Series nearly 3:1 through 2023, analyst firm estimates 5240


Sony has high hopes for the PS5. The company hopes to ship 25 million consoles this fiscal year, and eventually beat the PS4’s 117.4 million sales. Data shows that Sony is almost halfway there, having achieved hefty PS5 metrics like 50 million sell-through and over 46 million sell-in.

Microsoft, on the other hand, appears to be once again having trouble gaining market share. New estimates from analyst firm Ampere Analysis indicate that Microsoft has sold 7.6 million Xbox Series X/S consoles throughout 2023, compared to the PlayStation 5’s strong 22.5 million.

The numbers show that PlayStation is outselling Xbox this year at a rate of nearly 3:1, with PS5 sales up nearly 65% year-over-year.

In an attempt to move more consoles and secure more hardware market share, Microsoft has aggressively slashed the price of its Xbox Series X console to $350, which is $150 off the original $500 price tag. Sony’s PlayStation 5 was also discounted during the holidays, albeit to a lesser extent.

Remember that these are estimates, not confirmed figures. Tracking exact numbers won’t necessarily be possible as Microsoft doesn’t give official Xbox Series console sales in its earnings reports.

However, the firm accidentally revealed Xbox’s Gen9 market share during the BIG Festival in Brazil. The slide showed that Xbox Series X/S consoles have sold 21 million+ combined as of July 2023.

That’s compared to the 38.4 million PS5s that Sony had shipped in a similar period.

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