PlayStation Stars brings digital collectible rewards on October 5

Sony’s new PlayStation Stars rewards program launches next month on October 5 in North America.


PlayStation Stars is kind of like a side quest for, you know, PlayStation gaming: Get a quest from an NPC (in this case, the PlayStation App), complete the objective, and get a reward. It’s a lot like the Xbox quests system that Microsoft put out many years ago.

The new program will reward players for completing various challenges and tasks in specific games, creating a perpetual cycle of fulfillment through playing games. There’s even daily log-in bonuses, similar to those used in live service games.

PlayStation Stars will have two types of rewards: Loyalty points, which can be exchanged for games and PSN credit. The other is digital collectibles like 3D renders of iconic PlayStation characters (think of the old-school trophy room from Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 64). PlayStation Stars really underlines the need for a new PS Home, doesn’t it? Would be cool to show off your unlocked collectibles to friends.

Sony is careful to say these collectibles are not NFTs. They can’t be traded nor do they use blockchain tech.

PlayStation Stars will only be available on the PlayStation mobile app at launch. This way Sony can recruit lots more players into providing consistent streams of user data while potentially boosting its MAU numbers.

Below are the following launch dates for PlayStation Stars:

  • Asia, including Japan: September 29 (local time)
  • North and South America: October 5 (local time)
  • Europe and Australia: October 13 (local time)

PlayStation Stars details

There are two types of rewards – loyalty points and digital collectibles. Points can be redeemed in a catalog that may include PSN wallet funds, exclusive digital collectibles and select PlayStation Store products. As an additional benefit, PlayStation Plus members enrolled in PlayStation Stars automatically earn points for purchases on PlayStation Store.*

Digital collectibles are beautifully rendered, digital representations of things that PlayStation fans enjoy, including figurines of beloved and iconic characters from games and other forms of entertainment, as well as cherished devices that tap into Sony’s history of innovation. There will be new collectibles to earn regularly, ultra-rare collectibles to strive for, or something surprising to collect just for fun.

The digital collectibles you earn or acquire can be arranged on a display case within the PlayStation App. You can also set the display case to be viewed by others, if you choose.

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