Spotify says that no, it isn’t bringing in-app purchases back to its iPhone app

A few days ago we saw a report by MacRumors that suggested that Spotify was getting ready to bring in-app purchases back to the iPhone, potentially allowing music fans to sign up for Spotify Premium in-app for the first time in years. However, the streamer now says that isn’t the case after all.

The original report by MacRumors claimed that there was an indication in the most recent Spotify beta app that there were references to a new in-app purchase system. Spotify hasn’t allowed new subscribers to its Premium subscription to pay via the App Store’s in-app purchase system in more than seven years. Nor can people pay for audiobooks in the app, either. It was suggested that might be about to change, but in a statement provided to The Verge, we’re told that very much isn’t the case after all.

Spotify says that no, it isn't bringing in-app purchases back to its iPhone app 02


Spotify’s global head of corporate and policy communications, Farshad Shadloo, told The Verge that the company has no plans to witch in-app purchases on at the moment, which seems to fly in the face of what MacRumors reported.

The question now is what those in-app purchase references were and why they were there because it’s clear that MacRumors was reporting on something.

Spotify doesn’t allow purchases via the App Store in order to avoid giving Apple its 30% cut of those transactions, something that other developers have complained about over the years. Epic Games famously got Fortnite kicked out of the App Store because it tried to bypass the same 30% cut, and Spotify will surely not make the same mistake.

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