Star Citizen’s new Legatus ship pack costs $48,000

Star Citizen’s new Legatus bundle is out, and this time it costs more than 3x annual minimum wage salaries.

Star Citizen's new Legatus ship pack costs $48,000 1


Star Citizen is famous for its wide monetization purchase structure. Roberts Space Industries offers a multitude of buy options for players including whole spaceships that can command thousands of dollars. There’s also a big shortcut for gamers who want to sidestep a lot of that grinding.

The space sim sells whole ship packages in order to make money for development and maintenance of the game itself. The most notorious package is the Legatus bundle, a somewhat-annual collection that packs in 100+ ships and pieces of content for the game. RSI describes Legatus as the “definitive armada,” so you’re basically buying a fleet of ships for a set price.

Star Citizen's new Legatus ship pack costs $48,000 2

The prices are where things get pretty eye-opening. The Legatus bundle is mostly known for its wallet-gouging price tags; the first bundle, Legatus 2950, was released in 2018 for $27,000.

Fast-forwarding to this year and RSI is selling a Legatus 2953 bundle for a cool $48,000. That’s over three times more money than an average minimum wage employee will make all year.


Ahead of all others, this definitive armada is an equal match to the noble title of Legatus Navium. Comprised of over 175 vessels from every manufacturer of note, this perfect collection, including all ships released and concepted through 2953, empowers every fleet commander to forge a lasting legacy, leading humanity towards a brighter future.

The Karna “Ascension” Rifle will be available in-game in Q1 2024.

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