Starfield land vehicles incoming? Bethesda teases ‘all new ways of traveling’ in the game

Bethesda has many more updates coming for Starfield, including some tweaks to how players travel within the game.

Starfield land vehicles incoming? Bethesda teases 'all new ways of traveling' in the game 20231013045337


In a bid to keep players engaged with Starfield, the devs at Bethesda Game Studios plan to continually refresh, tweak, and update the game over time. The studio’s strategy includes various fixes to glitches and gameplay bugs as well as various additions that fans have been asking about, including local city maps, fully-fledged mod support (coming in 2024), and…more vehicles?

Yesterday, Bethesda rolled out a new update for Starfield that nixed the frustrating “pet asteroid” glitch, and the studio actually responded on the official Starfield Reddit with a surprising bit of info. In the post, Bethesda teased that “all new ways of traveling” would be part of its update roadmap.

“We’re also hard at work on many of new features you asked for, from city maps, to mod support, to all new ways of traveling (stay tuned!). These will be rolling out with a regular cadence of fixes and updates we expect to have roughly every six weeks.

“If something can be done in a smaller hotfix in between (like the asteroid), and we feel it’s safe, we’ll get one of those out as well. Safe is the key here. We do take a lot of time to test even the smallest change in a game this large and dynamic.”

So…what could this mean? Maybe land vehicles on planet-side surfaces? Perhaps we’ll be able to float outside of space ships in zero-G? We could even get a more sustained jetpack instead of the current ones in the game.

Let’s just hope Bethesda doesn’t break mod support with every update, though. Having to wait on script extender updates every 6 weeks might be tough for gamers, and even tougher for the modders themselves.

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