Tesla engineer responds to claims Cybertruck’s are rusting in the rain


Last week, a small group of Cybertruck owners took to forums to report tiny orange speckles forming on the exterior of their Cybertruck, which at the time was widely reported as “rusting“.

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These new Cybertruck owners took some photos of the orange speckling as pictured above, and others referred to the new electric pick-up truck’s manual, which states the exterior of the vehicle is subject to contamination. One owner said they were warned by Tesla staff when they were picking up their vehicle that there was a possibility the up to $99,900 vehicle could rust in the rain.

Now, a Tesla engineer who has been at the company for more than 13 years, per his LinkedIn account, has responded to the claims of Cybertruck exteriors rusting. Cybertruck engineer Wes Morrill took to X to say the orange spots some owners are complaining about are actually caused by metal particles either from the manufacturing factory or the railway when they were transported. Morrill further explained that when “free iron” sits on the stainless steel exterior of the Cybertruck, it will “rust“, but it is only “surface contamination” that can be “cleaned off easily“.

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Good myth busting. Stainless is reactive and free iron that sits on it will rust,” the Cybertruck engineer said. “It’s surface contamination only and can be cleaned off easily.