The Finals hits 10 million players in just two weeks

Embark Studios scores big with its debut game, The Finals.

The Finals hits 10 million players in just two weeks 1


The Finals has amassed 10 million players in just 15 days’ time, a milestone that makes it one of the most popular FPS games of the year. The squad-based shooter throws players in a twisted game show arena and pits them in a battle of survival and objective-based chaos. The irreverent style mixes with Overwatch-like classes and abilities, fast-paced FPS carnage, and dynamic environment destruction to deliver a fresh take on the current FPS market.

“To all you 10 million contestants (!) who have entered the arena since launch – a huge THANK YOU!” Embark said on Twitter.

The Finals’ performance is especially noteworthy given all the highly-rated games that have released in 2023.

The Swedish development team was opened in 2018, with former EA exec Patrick Soderlund serving as CEO. Japanese service game giant Nexon acquired a majority stake in Embark Studios back in 2019 and the studio has revealed two games: The aforementioned squad FPS The Finals and the PvPvE extraction shooter Arc Raiders.

The Finals executive producer and Embark Studios chief content officer Rob Runesson had this to say about the games’ massive playerbase:

“We’re so humbled and excited by the response from the community so far – 10 million players this soon is something we never could have dreamed of.

“We will continue to improve and add to the experience, and make sure we keep surprising our community for years to come,” regarding the positive reception the title has received so far.”

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