Think Starfield’s AI is lame? There’s a new mod to make combat more of a challenge

Starfield has been a controversial release from Bethesda – as we’ve seen, the developer has been replying to negative reviews on Steam in an unusual step – and there are still issues with the game.

One of Starfield's biggest failings is its poor AI (Image Credit: Bethesda)

One of Starfield’s biggest failings is its poor AI (Image Credit: Bethesda)


One of the most common complaints (and there are a few, admittedly) pertains to the AI which is shoddy in many respects, with enemies providing little challenge in combat.

The good news is that there’s a fix for this, albeit an unofficial one by way of a mod that has just been released for Starfield.

This is an enemy AI mod that goes by the name of ‘PEAK’ and it promises to make combat in Starfield more enjoyable. You can grab it from Nexus Mods and as always with third-party customization, it’s applied at your own risk.

The maker claims that it peps up the overall AI difficulty and brings in a better enemy teamwork experience, noting that: “Experience enhanced enemy teamwork, flank manuevers while incorporating distractions, and reduced unproductive chatter for a more immersive gameplay.”

All of these sound like useful changes to inject a bit more substance into the combat, and to provide enemies that actually prove to be something of a task to dispatch rather than a slight annoyance.

As we mentioned at the outset, the latest odd development with Starfield is Bethesda directly replying to reviews on Steam, telling those players where they’re going wrong in their criticisms of the game.

The worst bit about this, though, is that the messages feel canned in part – some gamers are even convinced that Bethesda has drafted in an AI to compose these responses – and so the move has not gone down well.

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