This $4.01 from Steve Jobs check is now worth $46,000

If you wrote a check for $4.01 in 1976 it would probably still be worth the same amount in 2023. But the same can’t be said for anything with Steve Jobs’ signature on it with this check now being sold for a huge sum of money.

All kinds of Steve Jobs and early Apple memorabilia have been sold over the years much of it bringing in huge amounts of money for those lucky enough to own them. This check is a prime example of that after it sold at auction for a whopping $46,063. The check itself was issued by Apple Computer Company in 1976 and was made out to RadioShack. The timing of the check fits in with when Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak were working on the Apple-1 computer, but it isn’t known what the check actually bought for the company.

This $4.01 from Steve Jobs check is now worth $46,000 02


The check lists a Palo Alto address for an answering service and mail drop-off point that Jobs was known to have used when Apple was still being run out of his garage, MacRumors notes, and these details have appeared on other Apple memorabilia previously.

The check itself was auctioned by RR Auctions and was expected to sell for at least $25,000 but few would have expected for it to sell for almost double that once the final bids were done and dusted. It remains to be seen what happens to the check next, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it appear in another auction further down the line. We can also expect more memorabilia to appear, especially once people realize that checks like this can rake in so much cash.

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